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Hunting 101 Podcast-Chuck Joins the Fred Bear Family

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Chuck goes back to his bow shooting roots to use and promote Bear's awesome 2022 line of compound bows, traditional bows, and accessories.

After 37 years of shooting the same brand of bow, Chuck has switched to a line of products that are fast, quiet, accurate, and affordable for the vast majority of hunters. Chuck says he is excited to recommend Bear Archery gear as the ultimate, down-to-earth solution for today's practical bowhunting needs.

Chuck took the Canada Moose shown above with his Bear Alaskan compound bow in 1976. It was his 1st official Pope and Young record book animal. He hopes to come full circle by adding more record trophies with the new Bear line.

Be sure to listen to the 77th Hunting 101 Podcast where host Dylan Ray and Chuck discuss the ins and outs of Chuck's new commitment to America's oldest and greatest bow company.

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